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Evolution of Thought

by on January 20, 2013

Hello again! This is my 2nd post yet. So forgive me for all the blunders that may ensue. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Okay so this post was quite a heavy write. I’m hoping it won’t be too heavy a read. Or too pointless a read for that matter. 😛

There are different types of evolution. The obvious biological evolution – of every living thing around us. There is cosmic evolution, i.e., the constant changes in the space, time, energy, matter etc. Then there is the evolution of thought.

Humans think. It’s a fact. What we as a race, collectively thought a 100 years ago, is not the same as what we think now. Each thought gives rise to another thought. And each subsequent thought is slightly varied from the one preceding it. When we interact, we communicate, we spread ideas, we create thoughts. Each new thought is slightly different from the parent thought. Now these thoughts are subject to natural selection – survival of the fittest. When there is a mass propagation of a similar thought, it becomes a trend. There have been countless trends till date, and there are bound to be countless more henceforth.

It’s similar to any social networking phenomena that we see these days. Blogging, tweeting, youtube-ing, etc.You have millions of people coming up with millions of ideas. Each video, each tweet, each blogpost is a thought. They originate in the mind of some person fallen victim to boredom; and subsequently inspire others to create more tweets, blogs and videos. When the masses are attracted to a particular idea, it tends to be “thought on” and “thought about”, spurring others to further work upon that idea. This is the making of a trend. Not quite unlike a video going viral.

These trends have their lifespans and sooner or later, they all fade away. Some trends are responsible for positive changes, and some affect the world negatively. But it’s certain that every trend affects the world. Some trends create a significant impact. Religion for example. It was a simple idea that traveled around the world influencing billions of people. Now did this have a negative or a positive effect? Well it’s certainly a controversial topic and i’ll look into it in my next article(s). But what is definite is that trends affect the world in varying degrees. (quite simply because a trend involves a lot of people consciously thinking about a a similar idea)

A excellent example of the evolution of thought that is the scientific development that we have gone through since the inception of civilization  Science has evolved. New, logical, rational answers are found everyday, to questions that have been asked for eons. Outdated trends like illogical, unexplained superstition are being replaced. But this process is slow too.

So what is it in a specific idea/concept that makes us think about it some more. What makes an idea, “attractive”?


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