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by on March 24, 2013

The crazy rain, it pours on us
It’s gone insane; it dwarfs us all.
The might of it, amazes me,
Hell breaks loose, and heavens fall.

Sparkling lighting
Cackling thunder
A fallen landscape
Ripped asunder

I stand amazed,
Blinded by a Flash of light
Wondering how the ground withstands
Pitying at it’s gruesome plight

The wind roars. It’s
No more a breeze
The leaves shiver to
The fate of the trees

Alone and terrified
I wonder why,
The mountains slide
And the clouds do cry.

The end is near.
I begin to think
In this incessant rain,
The world will sink.

As the downpour wanes
And the thunder stops,
The monstrous strokes
Turn to drops

And the rain has ended
No more a rush
I’m bluntly struck
With a daunting hush

In this wondrous tranquil
There’s a peace of mind
I sit to muse
I just can’t find –

– A reason why
There is an abyss
Between what I am
And what there is.

Dawns upon me a realization
That we are but insignificant individuals
Seeking to find an incentive to live
And yet, it seems so superficial

We are lost
In the mass of lives
Like a single bee
In a billion hives

I hope there is
More to life
Then blind faith
And gloomy strife

I hope we are
More than they say
Than the rain that came
And just went away

  1. Effortless reading……very nice poem, loved it

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